Roberta Levy

Roberta LevyRoberta Levy has been a licensed producer since 1986. Ms. Levy handled the small business insurance department at Heil & Heil until 1994 when she left to start her own agency, RAL Insurance & Financial Services. Within a few years, Roberta had a wide and varied book of small business accounts including small manufacturers, retail, medical offices, architects, builders, contractors, tradesmen, multi faceted nursing homes and day care centers.

Roberta saw there was a great need for women operating day care facilities to obtain creditable property and casualty coverages for their business. In the mid 1980’s, very few standard companies were offering coverage for this class of business. Most of these women started their business by caring for children in their homes and companies that offered reasonable premiums and good coverages for them were few and far between. As time went by, she changed several of the insurance companies minds on this particular subject and was able to insure her clients with the same standard form coverages other types of business’s enjoyed. She made her mark on the day care industry and in today’s world, a good day care center no longer is restricted to the excess and high risk market for their insurance programs.

By the late 1990s, she was acknowledged as one of Illinois leading day care center insurance agents. She taught classes at most of the day care operators annual conventions through Illinois on a regular basis. In these classes, it was her goal to educate these people to understanding their unique insurance needs and how to go about procuring the proper coverages. Many felt it was just easier to buy their insurance from her and have her take care of their needs for them. Several day care operators continue to feel that way about her to this day and she is proud to have been of service to them for almost 20 years now.


Richard B. Rosenthal

Richard RosenthalRichard B. Rosenthal has been a licensed producer for property, casualty, life & health cases since training at RAL Insurance & Financial Service under Roberta Levy in early 1998.  In late 1999, he  accepted a position with Sentry Insurance. There he gained experience with manufacturers and  machine shops.  With this training he developed a great understanding of the Standard ISO policy form and its coverages.  The year 2000, saw him working with Irmo Insurance Agency, Skokie, IL, as a commercial producer specializing in apartment risks, condominium associations, and artisian contractor risks  In 2007, Richard joined Service Insurance Agency, Inc. in Arlington Heights, IL as a  commercial property and casualty producer.   There he specialized in restaurants and tavern risks. In 2011 he left this agency to open his own agency partnered with Roberta Levy.


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